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As a Newsvend customer, you will be assigned your own editorial manager. He or she will work with you to create your customised news solution, liaising with technical and SEO experts, monitoring the news delivery process and keeping in touch with you regularly to ensure you see a clear return on your investment.

Not every content provider is able to offer this direct interaction with the editorial department, but we know it is essential when it comes to finding the perfect angle for your news articles.

Newsvend and its employees have significant experience of working with SEO and delivering top quality content. We know what works on a technical and editorial level and we want to share it with you.

The advantages of having tailored, custom news articles on your website:

  • Always Topical

    Regular news articles will ensure that your website is always topical and up-to-date. Your site will be increasingly seen as an 'authority' within your industry niche and people will return regularly for updates.

  • Increase Pages Viewed

    Not only will the website receive more visitors, the number of pages viewed per visitor will rise. Adding more relevant news content has been proven to increase the amount of time spent on your site per visit. Unlike syndicated newsfeeds, our custom news articles all reside on your own website with urls under your own domain name. This is important as visitors do not have to leave your website to read the full news articles, unlike a syndicated newsfeed where the headlines will link back to the third party website.

  • Increase Conversions

    Custom news will allow you to leverage the extra traffic coming in to your website by deep-linking from the articles and steering visitors towards your conversion pages.

  • You Remain in Charge

    You have total flexibility to decide exactly what kinds of news articles you want on your website. Whenever you feel inclined, you can alter your brief, and the news articles will change accordingly. This facility is often used when launching a new service or marketing a new product range.

  • Quality News Content

    Our journalists are all very experienced and many have Oxford or Cambridge university qualifications. They draw from thousands of news sources and from the daily press releases sent to our newsroom.

    As a Newsvend customer, you will be assigned your own editorial manager. He/she will work with you to create your customised news solution, monitor the news delivery process and keep in touch with you regularly to ensure it achieves a clear return for your organisation. The editorial manager will in turn liaise with our technical integration team and the in-house search engine optimisation experts to ensure that everyone is working together to achieve your online objectives

Search Engines will Love your Website

There is no doubt that there are significant search engine optimisation benefits in having regularly added, relevant content on your website. Google, in particular, pays much attention to both the quantity and quality of content on your site. A site with more relevant content is rewarded in the organic search rankings with a higher position for optimised terms.

One of the other factors that Google looks at is the number of incoming links to your website. With every new news article, you increase the probability of other websites linking to yours. The higher the number of links, especially from other authority sites, the higher your Google Page Rank, an essential ingredient in the algorithm used to rank web pages in the Google index.

On the other hand, running syndicated news feeds will have no SEO benefit, and there is even evidence that Google is now applying negative 'points' to any websites running duplicate content. Some syndicated feeds have hundreds or thousands of websites all displaying their identical headlines - not a good SEO strategy. Far better to keep your site free of duplicate content and make sure that news content is, for the most part, contained wholly within the website.

  • The single most important factor in obtaining a high search engine ranking is unique and relevant content (see news content video by Matt Cutts of Google). Newsvend clients have original, keyword-rich content added automatically to their websites on a regular basis.
  • The number of visitors to a website is often related to the amount of useful and relevant content on the website. Content-rich websites attract links from third-party sites and higher placements from search engines.
  • Those websites that regularly update web pages and add new web pages get indexed by search engines more frequently
  • As a source of interesting and topical news, a Newsvend client website is perceived as an 'authority site' by visitors, customers, suppliers and search engines.


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