Boost SEO and engage customers

Getting the basics right on a website matters. You need a well-designed website built with search engines in mind, along with static content to ensure visitors know what you do.

But our clients take things a stage further and integrate a tailored online news feed into their site. This news is unique to their site and is listed on their URL rather than that of a third-party provider. The articles are theirs to keep meaning they have an ever-increasing and consistently fresh database of content.

Given that Google values unique, fresh and top quality content, a news feed can offer a significant boost in terms of SEO. Consider the advantages unique daily updates could bring to your website: You increase your chances of beating your competitors in the search rankings and your visitors will keep coming back for updates, boosting both your online visibility and audience.

Choose Newsvend for your Newsfeeds

As a Newsvend customer, you will be assigned your own editorial manager. He or she will work with you to create your customised news solution, liaising with technical and SEO experts, monitoring the news delivery process and keeping in touch with you regularly to ensure you see a clear return on your investment.

Not every content provider is able to offer this direct interaction with the editorial department, but we know it is essential when it comes to finding the perfect angle for your news articles.

Newsvend and its employees have significant experience of working with SEO and delivering top quality content. We know what works on a technical and editorial level and we want to share it with you.